Janmashtami preparations in Shri Krishna Janmabhumi

  • Shri Krishna Janmabhumi will celebrate the Janmashtami on 7th September
  • Mahant Shri Nritya Gopal Das ji, the president of Shri Krishna Janmbhumi Seva Sansthan will perform the Mahabhishek

2023.09.03 (Vrindavan Today News): Shri Krishna Janmabhumi in Mathura will celebrate the birth anniversary of Bhagwan Shri Krishna on 7th September this year. Shri Kapil Sharma, the Secretary of the Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi Seva Sansthan, the trust managing the daily affairs of Krishna’s birthplace informed the media that the preparations for the event have already begun. The sanctum sanctorum, Krishna’s attire, and adornments will be extraordinary this year.

“This year, the inner part of the sanctum sanctorum will be designed to resemble a prison, while the exterior part, known as “Shri Krishna Chabutra,” will maintain its original structure without any modifications. Special lighting arrangements will be made to decorate the entire premises,” said Shri Gopeshwar Nath Chaturvedi, a member of the ‘Trust’ managing the Janmabhumi.

The celebration will commence with the melodious tunes of shehnai and the sound of drums, with the Mangala Aarti taking place at 5:30 AM in the morning of 7th September. A ceremonial bathing, known as “Panchamrit Abhishek,” will be performed. Scriptural readings and floral offerings will follow. At 10 AM, devotees will offer Pushpanjali at the lotus feet of Shri Radha Krishna in the Bhagwat Bhavan. Tulsi leaves will be offered during the ‘Pushpanjali’ rituals amid Vedic chants. Devotional singings (Bhajans) will also be performed by the known singers on this day.

The Grand Midnight Celebration, known as “Janma Mahabhishek,” will begin with the worship of Ganesha ji and the nine planets at 11 PM. One thousand lotuses will be offered to Shri Krishna at the midnight. The entire temple complex will come alive with the beating of drums, trumpets, and other instruments, and devotees will dance on the devotional chants.

Krishna Janmabhumi

The Janmashtami Aarti will begin at midnight and continue until 12:05 AM. Subsequently, the first Mahabhishek will be performed with the cow milk coming from the udder of a gold plated silver made cow.  The deity will then be seated on a silver throne amidst the temple. The Janma Mahabhishek will be performed under the guidance and divine presence of Mahant Shri Nritya Gopal Das ji Maharaj, the President of Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi Seva Sansthan.

Shri Gopeshwar Chaturvedi shared that Lord Krishna’s Shringar Aarti will take place from 12:40 AM to 12:50 AM, followed by the entry of devotees into the Krishna Janmabhoomi until 1:30 AM. Prasad distribution will be carried out, including the dryfruits, coconut laddoos, and offerings of sweets, fruits, clothing, and toys. Devotees will enter through Govind Nagar Gate (Gate No. 3) and exit through the main gate (Gate No. 1).

Kapil Sharma informed that Nandotsav will be celebrated on the following day (8th September) with congratulatory singing. Devotees will receive Prasad, congratulatory packets of surprises, toys, sweets, fruits, clothing, and other items in large quantities.

The temple authorities cautioned the devotees not to carry electronic items such as mobile phones, cameras, remote controls, bags, matchsticks, bidis, cigarettes, tobacco, knives, or blades with them when visiting the birthplace of Shri Krishna. These items can be left in their vehicles or at their accommodation, and they should ensure they receive receipts or coupons for safekeeping.

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