Meera’s Girdhar Gopal

Kartik Braj Darshan with Vrindavan Today (Day 19): Meera Bai Temple

Even though the rasik saints of Braj recommend ‘Yugal Upasna’ in ‘sehchari/sakhi bhava’, for Meera, Krishna was her husband. Her love for Him knew no bounds.

Vrindavan, 2021-11-03 (Vriindavan Today News): The Meera Bai temple in Vrindavan which reminds one of the loftiest states of Bhakti and divine union as experienced by this great Krishna devotee is located in  a narrow lane – kunj gali – to the left of Shahji Mandir. It is a two-minute walk from Nidhivan.

The traditional Rajasthani-style architecture where Meera’s Thakur sits pretty facing an open courtyard (aangan), which is greened up to look like a kunj, provides the perfect ambience for the most restless of minds to still, even if for a moment.

Meera Bai spent fifteen years (1524 to 1539) in Vrindavan meditating on her beloved Lord. The story goes that she came to Shri Dham motivated by the desire to meet Rupa Goswami, who initially refused to give her darshan saying ‘he doesn’t meet women’. Astonished, Mira replied that ‘she didn’t know of any man in Vrindavan except Krishna’.  Acknowledging the exalted status of this greatest of Vaishnavas, Rupa Goswami came out to greet her.

Even though the rasik saints of Braj recommend ‘Yugal Upasna’ in ‘sehchari/sakhi bhava’ (as a friend in loving service of the divine couple), for Mira, Krishna was her husband. Her love for Him knew no bounds.

​ऐसे पति को क्या वरूँ जो जन्मे मर जाय।

ऐसे पति को मैं वरूँ म्हाड़ो चूडियाँ अमर हो जाय।।

The mystic poet Meera Bai was born in Kudki village of Rajasthan in a Rajput family. She was the daughter of Ratnasen. Her father unwillingly gave her in marriage to the crown prince of Mewar, Bhojraj (the eldest son of Maharana Samgram Singh of Chittor) who died shortly after the wedding. His brother Bikramjit Singh became the Rana of Chittor. Bikramjit was so averse to Mira’s ways and her worship of Girdhar Gopal that he connived with her in-laws to kill her in many ways. She was saved each time by the grace of her Lord.

Once he sent a box containing a poisonous viper to Meera. However, on opening it she found a black shaligram inside. The shila is worshiped in the Vrindavan temple. The topmost simhasan (seat) is adorned by Shri Girdhar Gopal with Radharani on the left and Meera bai to His right. Below are kept the utsav vigrahas of Radha-Manohar ji and the aforesaid Shaligram Shila. One can have a darshan of it from the entrance as well.

From Vrindavan, Meera Bai left for Dwarka where she spent her last days and finally merged into the divine in 1550.

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