Miscreants vandalized Luk-luk Dauji temple on Govardhan Hill

2022.12.25 (Vrindavan Today News):  The miscreants have vandalized the Luk-luk Dauji temple situated on the hill of Govardhan at the village Anyor.  Some unidentified elements broke the deities of Luk-luk Dauji (Shila), Hanuman and Lord Shiva. Some of the deities were shattered into pieces.

The incidence came to the fore on Friday morning when the daily visitors of the temple went for darshan at the Luk-luk Dauji. They found the ‘shila’ of Dauji was laid broken inside the temple and the deities of Lord Shiva and Hanuman were broken into pieces. The news of vandalism spread like fire in the villages of Anyor and Jatipura. As soon as the news of vandalism spread, the villagers from all around gathered at the temple. The villagers were shocked and angered seeing the broken deities. Leaders from different political parties and social groups gathered there. They demanded the arrest of the culprits and thorough investigation into this matter. The Hindu groups warned that if the gang vandalized the temple is not busted within a week, massive agitation will begin.

The Shila of Luk-Luk Dauji

 Mr. Nitin Kasana, the Station House Officer of Police in Govardhan, suspected the role of some drug addicted person and discontented ‘pandas’ behind the incidence. He said there has been dispute between the ‘pandas’ on the ownership right to serve the temple. The mobile phones of the suspected culprits in this case have been put on surveillance.

Meanwhile the temple has been closed for the darshan by the pujaris.  The ‘pujaris’ have begun medicating the deities, that were broken. The paste of turmeric and sandal is being applied on the deities to get the broken parts fixed.

The Brajwasis from the villages of Anyaur and Jatipura are bringing ‘bhog’ cooked at their home to offer to the ‘Lord’.  They are offering the bhog outside the door of the temple. While the devotees are not allowed to enter the temple temporarily, they are taking darshan from the window.

Talking to the media the temple pujari Banvari said, “the medication of Dauji Maharaj’ is in process with the ointment made of some herbs, turmeric, sandal paste and clay.” “The doors of the temple are kept closed as the devotees offer milk, which will wash away the ointment being used to heal the wounds of the ‘Dauji shila’,” said Banvari.

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