MP Hema Malini directs BTVP to create digital library of Braj folk songs

A team of BTVP officials will travel all across rural Braj engaging with common people and folk artists to compile folk songs in audio-visual format.

Vrindavan, 2022-04-26 (Vrindavan Today News): Mathura MP Hema Malini has taken a laudable step to preserve the vanishing folk treasures of Braj. Under her directions, the UP Braj Teerth Vikas Parishad will work on creating a digital library of Braj folk songs.

Nurtured over centuries the rich musical folk tradition of Braj includes songs, plays, rustic versions of raaslilas, riddles and jokes, as well as songs describing seasons, festivals, rituals and gods and goddesses. It captures every occasion and its mood with amazing simplicity that touches the hearts of listeners.

There also seems to be a clear segregation of songs between women and men. The collection of women comprises more of songs on gods and goddesses, teerth, and anushthan, those describing fun, frolic and friendship, and others like kartik geet, saavan geet, holi geet, mangal geet, and sanskaar geet. Jagran, holi, dhola, aalha, and jikdi belong to the men.

Under the initiative, a team of BTVP officials will travel all across rural Braj talking to common people and folk artists to compile these songs in audio-visual format. Artists will be paid for the performances.

The folk songs of Braj are its valuable cultural assets that are today getting drowned in the cacophony of modern/film songs and DJs. This initiative by MP Hema Malini to conserve Braj’s precious heritage for successive generations to enjoy and appreciate is crucial and praiseworthy.

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