New traffic system in place to decongest the roads of Vrindavan

2022.04.02.03 (Vrindavan Today News): A new traffic system has been implemented from April 1st to ease the traffic congestion on the roads of Vrindavan. The Police administration and Transport Corporation along with many other Government Departments conducted a brainstorming session to discuss the issues related to traffic jams.

The twin cities of Vrindavan – Mathura face huge traffic congestion on the weekends and on special festival occasions. Though the entry of private cars is not allowed to reach near the major temples and separate car parking lots are made available; the huge rush of devotees walking on the narrow by-lanes and unorganized movement of auto and E-rickshaws cause heavy traffic congestion.

Massive traffic jams in Vrindavan are mainly because of unauthorized permit holders of autos, tempos from other areas against permit conditions, and unregulated movement of E-rickshaws.

Traffic red light
Traffic red light

It was decided to regulate these vehicles and take appropriate actions for smooth traffic movement. The decision was also taken to divide the E-rickshaw operations into Zones in Vrindavan.

SP Traffic, Shri Harendra Kumar said that all E-rickshaw owners and drivers should get their vehicle registration certificate, Aadhar Card, and Driver’s License verified from April 1st. A document verification camp has been set up at Daruk Parking area. Routes would be allotted to the E-Rickshaws. Vehicle owners from Mathura – Vrindavan will be given preference to grant required permission.

The traffic routes will be determined for the autos and tempos that have permits to operate in Mathura – Vrindavan. The vehicle owners and drivers bearing Mathura and Vrindavan driving licenses will only be allowed to operate in the town.

A meeting of district authorities was held on 31st March. City Magistrate, Shri Jawahar Lal Srivastava, ARTO Enforcement Shri Manoj Verma, the representatives of Municipal Corporation, PWD, Transport Dept., Police Dept and Shri Banke Bihari Temple were present in the meeting.

People coming to Mathura by train take an auto-rickshaw to reach Vrindavan that enters the small lanes of Vrindavan. It adds extra load on the fragile traffic system in Vrindavan. Unauthorized autos will be prohibited to enter the city of Vrindavan for smooth traffic movement.  This would put a cap on the number of vehicles entering into the holy town.

Autos coming from the highway would be allowed to ply till Chhatikara intersection. Auto rickshaws coming from Mathura City would be allowed to go to the parking near the ‘Hundred bedded Combined Hospital’ and Kailash Nagar turn. The Autos and tempos coming from Yamuna Expressway and Raya side would be allowed upto Pani Ghat Tiraha.

During the festival season, the holy town of Vrindavan gets very crowded. This year during the Holi festival on the occasion of Ekadashi ten lakh people took part in Parikrama. Also, more than 5 Lakh devotees had darshan of Banke Bihari. The whole system of Administration and Police had collapsed due to an uncontrollable crowd. Almost every part of the city was facing traffic jams.

Various organizations of Vrindavan held meetings with the administration regarding this issue. The detailed survey made by the Police Dept. suggested that the movement by E-rickshaws and autos are the main reasons for traffic jams. In addition, encroachment on the roads is also responsible for the uneasy situation.

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