Police Brutality against Devotees visiting Govardhan

2024.02.26 (Vrindavan Today News): While the Yogi Government is leaving no stone unturned to attract visitors to Braj, its police is mistreating with the visitors, leaving scar on government’s effort of tourism promotion.

In a shocking display of brutality, a family of devotees from Kolkata was subjected to violence by the police while on their way to the pilgrimage of Govardhan. Shri Rajesh Kumar Pandey, accompanied by his wife Pallavi and children Rishikesh, Archana and Prachi embarked on their spiritual journey to Braj.

The ordeal began when their car attempted to pass a barrier at the Deeg Adda checkpoint, leading to a confrontation with Rajkumar, a police sub-inspector posted in Govardhan. The car was halted by the police for traversing a restricted area, declared on the directives of the National Green Tribunal. The refusal to comply ignited a scuffle.

Allegedly, without provocation, the enraged officer began assaulting Rajesh Kumar Pandey, forcing his children to intervene in an attempt to protect their father, who was claimed to be a heart patient.

The situation escalated as the officer resorted to physical violence against the family, even attacking the Pandey’s children who tried to intervene. Shockingly, bystanders Deepak Sharma and Gaurav Kaushik, who were recording the incidents, were also assaulted, and their mobile phones were confiscated and one of them was detained. It is also alleged that the CCTV footage was also erased.

The aggrieved devotees have since demanded action against the errant officer, staging protests on the streets. As a result, the Superintendent of Police has suspended the accused officer and a traffic constable pending an internal investigation.

Expressing their dismay over the incident, the Pandey family lamented the behavior of the police, emphasizing their peaceful intentions and the unwarranted aggression they faced. They stressed on the need for accountability and justice in the face of such egregious misconduct.

The family had embarked on their pilgrimage with a devout spirit, seeking solace and blessings, only to be met with violence and verbal abuse by the very authorities entrusted with ensuring their safety.

The reprehensible actions of the police have left a scar on the hearts of the devotees, who now seek redress through legal channels, urging for justice to be served.

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