Pollution level continues to rise unabated in Yamuna

2023.12.07 (Vrindavan Today News): NGT (National Green Tribunal) has issued notices to the Chief Secretary of Uttar Pradesh and the Municipal Commissioner of Mathura due to the disregard of directives regarding Yamuna pollution control measures in Mathura-Vrindavan.

Despite NGT’s stringent measures, over 50 MLD (Million Litres per Day) of untreated sewage is still finding its way into the Yamuna River in Mathura-Vrindavan. The issue of Yamuna pollution in this region has been under the scrutiny of the High Court and NGT since 1998. However, instead of abating, the pollution level continues to rise unabated.

Presently, more than 50 MLD of untreated sewage is directly discharged into the Yamuna, comprising industrial waste from Mathura and Vrindavan. Additionally, the industrial waste from Kosi, Chhata, and Shergadh along with the untreated sewage from Rukmini Vihar in Vrindavan is also directly flowing into the River. There have been no arrangements made to prevent this flow. Moreover, effluents from other drainage canals in Vrindavan are also merging into the Yamuna.

The broken sewer lines in the Parikrama Marg haven’t undergone repairs for two years, resulting in the city’s untreated sewage also reaching the Yamuna.

In Mathura, the Masani pumping station adds to the problem by contributing approximately 40% of the city’s untreated sewage into the Yamuna daily. This includes chemically laden water from the city’s industrial units. The Ambakhar Nala, Kala Pathar Nala, Aurangabad up and Down Nala are also directly discharging into the Yamuna. Agencies managed by the Jal Nigam such as Swami ghat, Bengali Ghat, and the Masani pumping station often experience overflow. However, the municipal corporation’s lack of action worsens the situation.

Despite orders from the High Court and NGT, the pollution from these drains into the Yamuna remains unchecked. Consequently, even the Municipal and District Officials find themselves under the scrutiny due to the negligence in implementing NGT directives.

The ongoing disregard for pollution control measures has led to an alarming rise in untreated sewage flowing into the Yamuna, prompting the intervention of regulatory bodies and authorities, urging immediate action to curb this environmental crisis.

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