Saptadevalaya temples to take out grand procession to reach ‘Kumbh’

A  Grand Procession of Sapta Devalaya Temples will be taken out through the streets of Vrindavan to reach Vrindavan’s Vaishnav Mahakumbh on Sunday. The tableau carrying the images of the deities and the Acharyas of the Saptadevalaya Temples will pass through the different streets and markets of Vrindavan. The procession will begin at 9 am from Cheerghat, where the tableau of all the seven temples will gather. Beginning from Cheer Ghat, the procession will pass the streets leading to Radharaman Temple, Gopinath Bazar, Rangji Mandir, Anaj Mandi, Bankhandi, Loi Bazar, Pratap Bazar, Chungi Chouraha and Tatiasthan before reaching its destination at Shyamananda Prabhu Nagar in ‘Kumbh Mela site’. The images of the deities of the Sapta Devalaya temples will be offered a special worship at ‘Shyamananda Nagar’.

Shri Govinda Dev, Shri Gopinath, Shri Madan Mohan, Shri Shyam Sundar, Shri Damodar, Shri Radharaman, Shri Gokulananda are the temples in the group of ‘Saptadevalaya temples’. The devotees and traders have made preparations to welcome the procession where they will have an opportunity to worship their beloved ‘Lordships’ at their doorsteps.

Radha Damodar Temple’s Acharya Shri Purnachandra Goswami informed that the flower petals will be showered on the ‘Saptadevalaya procession’ by paragliding. Hundreds of devotees from all around the world will participate in the ‘Harinam Nagar Sankirtan’ during the procession.

Acharya Padmanabh Goswami ji from Radha Raman temple said, “The idea behind taking out the procession of the temples to Kumbh Mela is to organize a visit of the ‘Lordships’ to the grand religious event organized after every 12 years. It is the mood  of the devotees that the Lordships  meet the ‘deities’ of the respective ‘Khalsas’ and give darshan to the sadhus residing there”.

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