Sadhu meditates in standing position for three decades

The ‘Vaishnava Mahakumbh’ site in Vrindavan is flooded with evoking sights as holy men and seers display their unusual practices in full glory. The varied look and practices are evoking curiosity among those who have descended on this temple town to participate in Kumbh. A slew of such sights gather the onlookers around the ‘babas’ performing something special.

Shri Munindra Das Mahatyagi, is one of such seer, has become one of the centers of attraction in the Vrindavan Kumbh. Shri Mahatyagi Baba from Gujrat is known as ‘Kadeshri Baba’ among the devotees. He always remains in standing position round the clock. He has taken the vow not to sit or lied down for thirty years. This vow is a form of tapasya, a self inflicted corporal punishment intended to help bring spiritual enlightenment. He survives on roasted fruits and vegetables and doesn’t eat grain at all.

The sandalwood paste on his forehead and the glow on his face prove the power of ‘tapasya’. The Standing Baba has a swing like device that allows him to rest their arms during the day. During the night Khareshwari supports his torso on the swing as he sleeps. The swing has a sling beneath it.

While the majority of Sadhus have luxurious tents of their respective ‘Khalsas’, the Khadeshri Baba is living in austerity, has simple camp made of thatch and dry grass.

Talking to ‘Vrindavan Today’, Khadeshwari Baba said that he took the vow of this corporal practice to build Ram Temple in Ayodhya. He also took the vow not to enter the boundaries of Ayodhya until the Ram Mandir is built.  Now when the building of the Ram Temple is in process,  he continued his vow to spread the message of Lord Ram and being a patriot.

Shri Munindra Das Mahatyagi Khadeshwari Baba grew up and took the initiation of becoming a sadhu in Ayodhya.  He left home in his early teens, leaving their friends and families to immerse themselves in meditation, yoga and religious rituals.

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