Technology adds woes to Mathura Vrindavan traffic

Measures taken to decongest the traffic became complete failure

2022.12.10 (Vrindavan Today News): There seems to be no respite to traffic woes in twin cities of Mathura and Vrindavan, as the integrated traffic management system installed under Smarty City plan has created more traffic chaos than solving the traffic congestion. The system which was installed with an investment of Rs 39 crore has proven, more of a burden to traffic management than solving it. The authorities therefore have opted to shut the system at various locations to ease the traffic movement and instead police have preferred manual barricading to ensure smooth flow of traffic in tourist town. Despite all the efforts police is forced to close the system at Masani crossroad due to constant traffic jam. There are places where traffic police have resorted to closing left-right movement of traffic in turn causing discomfort to public.

In order to ensure smooth flow of traffic, traffic signals were installed at nearly 20 crossroads in Mathura-Vrindavan along with public announcement system. This entire system is in turn connected with central control room at Lucknow and another control room at Aurangabad. Traffic Police of twin-town operates this system from Aurangabad control room. Zebra crossing has also been created on all crossroads for smooth functioning of the system. Pillars have also been installed for left and right movement.

This system has proven to be a bane to the traffic from the very starting. Tank Chauraha, one of the widest crossroads in twin cities faces heavy traffic congestion since the system was installed. The traffic police have been forced to switch off the system during busy hours as it obstructs smooth movement of army vehicles and civil vehicles in the area. Similarly, these traffic signals are creating trouble and huge traffic jam at busy State Bank crossroad and at the bus stand at Maholi tri-roads. Police has to resort to barricade to solve the traffic flow. Another location is Deeg Gate area, where traffic lights have to be switched off during the peak traffic hours because instead of easing the traffic, the traffic lights are causing huge traffic jam. Krishnapuri crossroads are facing similar traffic woes after the installation of the system.

The worst scenario is that left movement, which is generally without restriction, it is being blocked at every junction due to narrow roads. This is not just halting leftward traffic but adding to the overall congestion on twin city roads. Amazingly due to lack of planning that is widening of roads the system could not be installed at the Holi Gate crossroads due to narrow lanes.

Perhaps, at the inception of integrated traffic management system, effort should have been made to widen city roads to allow the system to work in the first place. There is still time for government to re-look at it and concentrate on widening roads.

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