Unique ritual of worship with the sticks

2024.04.18 (Vrindavan Today News): On the final day of the Chaitra Navratri festival, a remarkable and ancient ritual was carried out by devotees of the Yaduvanshi community from several villages at the Nari-Semri Devi Temple in the village of Semri. The unique ritual involved the worship of the goddess with sticks, which has been observed by the community for centuries.

The event began on Wednesday afternoon when devotees from the village of Sankhi arrived at the temple in large numbers. Following them, thousands of Yaduvanshi community members from the village of Nari arrived with great enthusiasm to perform their worship. Due to the nature of the worship involving sticks, the local police administration closed the shops within the fairgrounds for safety.

Maa Nari Semri Devi

The Yaduvanshi community members, carrying sticks, axes, and other traditional weapons, marched joyfully towards the temple. The police ensured that the path from the highway to the temple was cleared for the devotees. Once at the temple, the worshippers began striking the temple doors, walls, gates, and courtyard with sticks as part of the ritual to please the goddess.

The temple reverberated with the chants of praises for the goddess, creating a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. The devotees danced to the beat of bands, shouting praises for the goddess and their community’s past victories.

After the worship, the devotees left the temple in a victorious state, carrying the goddess’s blessings and offerings.

The local authorities and key figures, including the head of the fair, Triloki Singh, and other members of the mela committee, were present to oversee the event and ensure its smooth operation.

The ritualistic worship on the ninth day of Navratri by the Yaduvanshi community is a tradition that seeks the goddess’s blessings for bravery and success. The community believes that this age-old practice has helped them secure victory and blessings over the years, and the ritual continues to be an essential part of their culture.

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