Barsana-Nandgaon Lathmaar Holi declared state festival

Dalmau’s Kartik Purnima Mela (Rai Bareli) and Mishrikh’s 84 Kos Holi Parikrama Mela (Sitapur) have also been approved for the status

Mathura, 2020-03-14 (VT): The Yogi Adityanath-led state cabinet has approved a proposal to grant the status of ‘state festival’ to several local events in Mathura, Sitapur, and Rai Bareli. In line with its mission to promote the religious and cultural heritage of Uttar Pradesh, the government has selected Barsana-Nandgaon’s Lathmaar Holi, Dalmau’s Kartik Purnima Mela, (Rai Bareli) and Sitapur’s 84 Kos Holi Parikrama for the status.

The number of domestic and foreign visitors attending these events has grown steadily in the past years, and hence, the necessity of providing better facilities. Not only will this move enable the state government to provide financial support, but the management of these festivals, which was hitherto in the hands of local authorities/organisations, will now be passed on to the district administration. This will, in turn, benefit the local economy as well.

Ayodhya’s Deepotsav, Ramayan Mela (Chitrakoot), Tulsipur Mela (Devipatan Shaktipeeth, Balrampur), Naimisharanya’s Lalita Devi Shaktipeeth Amavasya Mela (Sitapur) and Ma Vindyavasini Shaktipeeth Mela (Meerjapur), have previously been declared state festivals.   

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