No legal, financial connection with Madhavas Foundation: ISKCON

The declaration comes close on the heels of the controversy over the bogus donations appeal floated by Madhavas in the name of Ladliji Temple recently.

Vrindavan, 2021-09-13 (Vrindavan Today News): Following the fiasco over a spurious appeal for donations in the name of Ladliji Temple (Barsana) that was put out by the rock kirtan band ‘Madhavas’ recently, the ISKCON society has issued a declaration clarifying that it is in no way associated with the Madhavas Foundation.

The notice signed by the Shri Sanak Sanatan Das, vice-president – ISKCON Vrindavan, read, “This is to declare that ISKCON Society registered in India in 1966 under Mumbai Charitable Commissioner Office’s Societies Registration Act of 1860, has no connection legally or financially with a foundation called Madhavas Foundation situated in Vrindavan.”

The clarification was required because the owners of the Madhavas Foundation claim to be followers of Shrila Prabhupada, the founder acharya of ISKCON which may have led to the perception of their being associated with the society. In the face of the recent controversy that Madhavas was embroiled in, such a perception could have had negative ramifications for ISKCON.

Iskcon’s letter of clarification on Madhava’s

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