Foot Over Bridge in front of Prem Mandir

Foot Over-bridge to be Constructed in Front of Vrindavan’s Iconic Prem Mandir to bring relief to both the locals and visitors

2023.04.05 (Vrindavan Today News): Prem Mandir in Vrindavan is set to get a much-needed respite from the daily traffic congestion with the upcoming construction of a foot over bridge. The Municipal Corporation has proposed the plan to the government after several rounds of discussions with the management of Prem Mandir.

The foot over-bridge is aimed at relieving the daily traffic congestion that occurs on Vrindavan Chhatikara Road during the opening and closing times of the Prem Mandir.

The foot over-bridge is a part of the Smart City project, which aims to improve the city’s infrastructure and facilities for its residents and tourists. The construction of a smart road from Ramanreti Police Chowki to Rukmini Vihar Multi-level Parking is already underway, and the foot over-bridge will be built as a part of this project.

The local people and devotees who visit the Prem Mandir face a lot of difficulties due to the daily traffic congestion. The foot over-bridge will provide a convenient way for the pedestrians to cross the road, and will also ensure smooth vehicular movement on the busy road

Several rounds of talks have been held between the municipal administration and the management of Prem Mandir to finalize the location and plan for the foot over-bridge. The authorities have also sought suggestions from the local people.

The construction of the foot over-bridge is expected to begin soon, providing a much-needed relief to the people of Vrindavan and the devotees who visit Prem Mandir.

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