High Court to appoint arbitrator in Vrindavan Corridor case

The Allahabad High Court may appoint an arbitrator during the next hearing, which is set for April 26.

2023.03.25 (Vrindavan Today News): In a recent development in the Banke Bihari Temple Mathura Corridor case, the Allahabad High Court has stated that an arbitrator will be appointed to settle the dispute between the State and the Sevaits of the temple. The court has sought suggestions from the Additional Advocate General, Manish Goyal regarding the name of the arbitrator. It said that a person having the national experience in arbitration should be preferred, while recommending someone for the job. The court is likely to appoint an arbitrator during the next hearing, which is set for April 26.

The decision of building the corridor was made in response to a Public Interest Litigation filed by Anant Sharma, which sought protective measures for the crowded Banke Bihari temple during special occasions. The government decided to build a Corridor around the temple. The Sevaits of the temple and shopkeepers in the surrounding area have raised objections to this move of the government.

During the hearing on Friday, it was stated on behalf of the Sevaits and shopkeepers that the State Government is not listening to them in the construction of the corridor. Advocate Sankalp Goswami said that the money to be spent by the government on building the corridor would be used from the temple’s donations. However, the Sevaits, who are the temple’s caretakers, have neither been consulted in the matter, nor made a party to the case. The government is deliberating upon the issue without taking their opinion into consideration.

The Shopkeepers also expressed concern that the historical significance and sanctity of the Kunj Galis (the heritage lanes) and the temple complex should not be compromised in process of building the corridor.

The Court’s decision to appoint an arbitrator is a positive step towards resolving the dispute between the parties involved. The appointment of a nationally experienced person as the mediator will ensure a fair and impartial resolution to the case. The next hearing on April 26 will be eagerly anticipated by all parties involved.

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