Illegal Colonies Discovered in Greenland Prompt Investigation

2023.05.04 (Vrindavan Today News): Startling revelations have emerged during an ongoing survey of illegal colonies under the directive of District Magistrate Pulkit Khare. The investigation has uncovered the existence of unauthorized settlements in Greenland, specifically on Devi Atas Road in Vrindavan. More than three dozen colonies have been found to have boundary walls, with houses constructed within several of these colonies.

Prompted by multiple complaints regarding the conversion of agricultural land into residential plots, the District Magistrate ordered an inquiry last week. A report on the matter has been requested by June 7. The investigation is being jointly conducted by the Mathura-Vrindavan Development Authority and the Tehsil Administration, with team members visiting various locations to inspect the illegal colonies.

The inspection has revealed that the majority of illegal colonies are concentrated in the Vrindavan area. In collaboration with several developers, agricultural land has been converted into residential areas, despite the absence of any local population. Even Greenland, situated along Devi Atas Road, has not been spared by these unscrupulous colonizers. Alarming reports indicate that plots and houses are being sold to unsuspecting buyers, who are not made aware of the illegal status of these colonies, nor their lack of authorization by the Development Authority.

These unscrupulous individuals have managed to complete the formalities of map approval through Nagar Panchayats, deliberately bypassing the authority of the Development Authority. This deceitful tactic has been employed not only in the Mathura-Vrindavan Municipal Corporation area but also in the Chhata and Govardhan Tehsil regions.

Rajesh Kumar, Secretary of the Development Authority, acknowledged that a survey is currently underway to identify construction projects that violate established standards.

As the investigation progresses, authorities are expected to take stringent action against those involved in the illegal colonization of Greenland and other areas. The authorities urge potential buyers to exercise caution when investing in properties in the affected areas, encouraging them to verify the legitimacy of any developments before making any financial commitments.

With the June 7 deadline looming, the report on the illegal colonies in Greenland and other locations is anticipated to shed light on the extent of the issue, leading to measures to rectify the situation and prevent such unauthorized construction projects in the future.

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