Police Inaction Leads to Multiple Incidents of Looting on Yamuna Expressway

Yamuna Expressway

2023.06.04 (Vrindavan Today News): The Yamuna Expressway has become a hotbed of criminal activity as incidents of stone pelting and subsequent looting continue to plague the area. The recent spate of incidents has exposed a glaring failure on the part of the police, who have been criticized for their lackadaisical approach towards ensuring the safety of commuters. With each passing day, questions are being raised about the effectiveness of the police force and their commitment to addressing the escalating security concerns on the expressway.

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The latest incident, marking the third stone pelting and looting event in just four days, occurred a mere 18 kilometers away from the initial incident. This sequence of events serves as a clear illustration of the police’s failure to take decisive action. The first incident took place on May 29 in the Surir police station area, involving an engineer and his wife from Delhi who fell victim to stone pelting. However, the police administration downplayed the seriousness of the incident, which only emboldened the miscreants to strike again. On May 31, another car was targeted by stone pelters in the same area, but this time, the criminals failed to carry out a successful robbery.

The Yamuna Expressway stretches across 80 kilometers in Mathura district, passing through multiple police station areas. However, the security arrangements put in place by the authorities have proven to be completely inadequate. The police claim that they have deployed four Police Response Vehicles (PRVs), three patrolling patrols, and two Chetak bikes for expressway security. Nevertheless, these claims are being called into question given the continuous incidents of looting. It appears that the police presence on the expressway has been insufficient, allowing the criminals to operate with impunity.

The modus operandi of the criminals has become evident in the incidents that have unfolded so far. The miscreants first pelt stones at vehicles passing through the expressway, forcing them to stop. They then proceed to rob the passengers at gunpoint. These incidents are clearly premeditated and executed with careful planning. Victims of the robberies have revealed that the criminals approach on foot and board the expressway from various entry points. Some miscreants position themselves ahead, initiating the stone pelting, while others wait to carry out the subsequent robbery. This pattern was observed in the incident involving Ram Vilas, who managed to stop his vehicle approximately one and a half kilometers away from the stone pelting site. Within ten minutes, the criminals caught up to him, highlighting the urgency and brazenness with which they operate. Concerns have been raised that the miscreants may be using parked vehicles under the expressway to facilitate their escape after committing the crimes.

The police’s negligence is further evident in their failure to mark areas where villagers have created access points to the expressway despite the lack of official entrances. It is crucial for the police to identify and secure these entry and exit points to curb criminal activities effectively.

Following the recent incidents, the responsible authorities have finally sprung into action. Inspector General Deepak Kumar visited the expressway to assess the situation and stressed the need to tighten security while also ensuring the safety of passengers. In response, police teams from each station will be stationed on the expressway throughout the night, aiming to apprehend stone pelters and prevent further incidents. Superintendent of Police Rural, Trigun Bisen, stated that dedicated teams have been formed and will remain stationed on the expressway from 9 p.m. until morning to combat criminal activities.

Efforts are also underway to gather evidence through CCTV footage and identify habitual offenders involved in the looting incidents. However, despite these measures, the lack of lighting arrangements along the expressway remains a concern. Except for the toll plaza area, the entire expressway is poorly illuminated, providing miscreants with ample opportunities to approach and escape undetected.

The recent incidents on the Yamuna Expressway have exposed the shortcomings of the police force, prompting questions about their level of vigilance and dedication to public safety. It is imperative that the authorities address these concerns promptly to restore confidence among commuters and ensure the security of all those traveling on this vital transportation route.

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