Lalita Sakhi’s Appearance Day Celebration at Uncha Gaon

2023.09.21 (Vrindavan Today News): Lalita Sakhi’s appearance day was celebrated two days prior to Radharani with much joy and gaiety at her ancestral village Uncha Gaon, atop the Ata Ator Hill in Barsana on Thursday.

The devotees gathered in large numbers during the noon at the Lalita Temple in Uncha Gaon. The celebration included the recitation of melodious Vedic mantras, decoration by making a flower mansion (Phool Bangla), offering 56 kinds of delicacies, performing Mahabhishek (Ritual bath) and Aarati, followed by a grand feast culminating in a grand event. Goswami Shri Krishnananda Bhatt, descendents of Shri Narayan Bhatt performed the rituals of worship.

The entire village resonated with the auspicious songs and congratulatory chants for Lalita Sakhi, the chief confidante of Shri Radha. The atmosphere resonated with the sound of bells and conch shells. The celebration took place on the sixth day of the waxing moon period of the month of Bhadrapada.

The deities of the Divine Couple of Shri Radha-Krishna and Lalita Sakhi were seated in the flower mansion (Phool Bangla), where the priests offered fifty-six different delicacies. The devotees were overwhelmed with gratitude as they witnessed the captivating darshan (sight) of their beloved Lalita.

Before the celebration begun Nandgopal sakhi narrated the dhaandi leela and the genealogy of Lalita Ji, in the temple premises. The folk songs and dances by the Gurjar community to congratulate Lalita Salhis became the centre of attraction for the devotees. Shri Padam Fauji, the husband of the chairperson of Barsana Municipality hosted a bhandara (feast) in the honor of Lalita Sakhi. Hundreds of devotees relished the delicious prasadam.

Various religious and cultural events were organised in the evening. The temple and the streets leading to Uncha Gaon were beautifully illuminated with decorative lighting, making the entire atmosphere vibrant and festive. .

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