Lost Peevani Kund restored after excavation at Padar Van, Barsana

The effort was led by Maan Mandir Seva Sansthaan under the auspices of Padma Shri Ramesh Baba. The team is now working on reviving the kund and putting it back on the religious map of Barsana, and Braj at large.

Barsana, 2020-10-22 (VT): Maan Mandir Seva Sansthaan run by disciples of Padma Shri Ramesh Baba, has excavated a lost pond (kund) in Barsana’s ancient Padar Van. Efforts are now on to revive it (bring back water to the pond) and put it back on the religious map of the quaint temple town.

It is believed that Padar Van was the ‘tapo shatli’ of Baba Vrishbhaan and Mata Kirat and the ‘lila sthali’ of Shri Radha-Krishna as well. According to various available texts, ‘Sanjhi Lila’ originated at Padar Van from where Radharani used to collect flowers for Sanjhi.

Other textual references state that when Krishna played His flute at this spot, even the peacocks began to dance along with the Gopis. Dark rain clouds appeared the sky, and the drizzle left Shri Krishna’s ‘pitambari’ (yellow garment) drenched. The excavated pond – Peevani Kund – is named after this ‘lila’.

Over the years this ancient kund was encroached upon, and the way to it, lost. Saints who came looking for this sacred water body after reading about it in the texts/scriptures, would invariably go astray.

One of Ramesh Baba’s disciples, who had been staying in the vicinity for some years now, thought of bringing the kund back to ‘light and life’. He told Baba about the lost Peevani Kund, and his intention to revive it. Baba sent some of his disciples/associates from Maan Mandir and gurukul students to help him with the noble task. After slogging non-stop for days, Peevani Kund was eventually excavated. It will now be filled with water.

The team had earlier restored a lost cave and ‘raasmandal’ in Barsana.

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