Mound of Saunkh battles for existence

Saunkh Tila Fights for Survival as Neglect Threatens Ancient Civilizations

2023.07.22 (Vrindavan Today News): Saunkh Tila, a neglected hill with hidden secrets of three ancient civilizations, is now battling for its existence. The archeology department holds the key to unlocking the information about these lost civilizations, but its cautious approach is hampering progress.

Located on Govardhan Road, Saunkh Tila holds immense archaeological significance. Its journey into the spotlight began in 1965 when the government first discovered its potential. German scientist Herbert Hertl led the Department of Archeology in a six-year excavation that concluded in 1971. The excavation yielded life-size red stone statues of Lord Buddha, Stone Age pottery and coins, that now adorn the State Museum of Mathura. Trishuls (tridents) and terracotta sculptures were also among the findings, while pottery has played a crucial role in dating the ancient remains. These remnants provide a glimpse into the rich heritage of the Braj culture. A board placed by the department at the site indicates that relics from the Maurya, Shunga, and Kushan civilizations have been found here. Visitors are also captivated by the ancient baths, wells, and delicate one-square-foot bricks discovered during the dig. The mound has yielded artifacts in various colors, ranging from brown and black to red and bright hues.

Saunkh Teela in mathura

However, despite its historical significance, Saunkh Tila now faces neglect and a struggle for survival. The iron wire surrounding the hill, once a symbol of protection, lies broken and discarded. Local residents now view the mound as a forgotten relic, abandoned by the authorities.

In 2010, Dr. Upendra Kaur, daughter of then-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, visited the site with students from Indira Gandhi University in New Delhi. This visit sparked hopes of revitalization, but unfortunately, no significant action has been taken since then.

One pressing issue is the constant encroachment on Saunkh Tila, which is gradually diminishing its size. Unauthorized permanent residences have been constructed, further exacerbating the problem. Additionally, no new appointments have been made at the site since the retirement of Class IV employees in 2017, creating a void in its maintenance and security.

The situation at Saunkh Tila is dire, as neglect threatens to erase the remnants of these ancient civilizations. Urgent intervention from the archeology department and concerned authorities is required to preserve this valuable heritage. Saunkh Tila’s survival depends on swift action to repair the broken wire, halt encroachment, and allocate the necessary resources to safeguard its existence.

If the caution shown by the archeology department can be transformed into proactive measures, a wealth of information about the Maurya, Shunga, and Kushan civilizations could be unraveled, shedding light on their history and contributing to our understanding of human civilization. The fate of Saunkh Tila hangs in the balance, waiting for the attention it deserves to ensure the preservation of its extraordinary past.

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