UP Government Sanctions Restoration of Six Kunds

2024.03.17 (Vrindavan Today News): The Kunds have religious significance along with the temples of Braj. The kunds were considered as sacred precincts in Braj.  Its water were used for ritual and bathing. In past few decades these water bodies have been vanishing with some being completely depleted and encroached upon by vested interest.

In an endeavor to preserve the water bodies and promote water conservation, the Government of Uttar Pradesh has sanctioned grant for restoration of half a dozen ponds in the Mathura district.All proposals for the restoration and beautification of these ponds, prepared by the Uttar Pradesh Braj Teerth Vikas Parishad, have been approved by the government.

Recognizing the significance of ponds and water bodies alongside temples in Braj, the UPBTVP has outlined a comprehensive plan for their enhancement and beautification.

Under this initiative, beautification work costing 2.36 crore rupees is slated for completion at the Kaimarvan Kund in Raya. Additionally, the façade lights will be installed at Barsana’s Priya Kund with an estimated cost of Rs. 62 lakh.

An estimated budget of Rs. 11.33 crore has been sanctioned to develop and beautify the Sobhari Rishi Water Body at Sunrakh.  Furthermore, Govind Kund in Vrindavan will undergo beautification and restoration work amounting to 1.75 crore rupees. Kusum Sarovar’s beautification will incur an expenditure of 80 lakh rupees.

The government emphasized that every developmental endeavor must be aligned with the cultural ethos of Braj, ensuring the preservation of local traditions and heritage. The ongoing beautification projects for ponds and water bodies include the construction of red stone pavements around the periphery and the installation of red stone small canopies around the kunds.

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