Prahlad Kund dried and dug up, Panda started meditation on February 16.

Prahlad Kund dried up; how will the Prahlad Fair happen in Phalain?

Monu Panda in Meditation

The Village Head and his associates, arranged to dig up the Holy “Prahlad Kund” without taking the authorities permission in Village Phalain also called as Prahlad Nagari. So now, neither is there any water in the kund nor the pond has been cleaned. The digging work has been left halfway resulting in dried up Kund and heaps of dirt in and around the Kund. This pond has enormous importance during the upcoming festival of Holi. Phalain’s famous ancient Holi Panda Fair is round the corner and the very important Kund is in pathetic state.

On February 16, 2022 on Purnima, Monu Panda along with the villagers went around the village, and started his month long fast and chants. It is noteworthy that Prahlad Nagari Village Phalain will once again witness and celebrate the traditional Panda Fair.

Talking to the ‘Vrindavan Today’, Monu Panda said, “the world famous Panda Fair would be held on March 17, 2022. On this occasion the he would walk through the burning fire, which will be either late night of March 17, 2022 or early morning of March 18, 2022 as per the auspicious time. This is the third year in which I would be crossing the Holika Flames. After the Parikrama of the village, I have started fasting for a whole month. During the fast, I sit in the temple chanting Harinama, eat only fruits and milk and sleep on the floor. I follow Brahmacharya (bachelor hood) during this period.”

“This a very difficult task but with the blessings of Bhakt Prahlad ji Maharaj, I get the strength. My whole family has been involved in the process and even our young children want to take part in the rituals when they grow up”, he added.

Crossing the 35 Ft flames seems to be an impossible task. However, Monu believes that after taking bath in holy Prahlad Kund, he is blessed by Lord Narsimha (avatar of Lord Vishnu) and gives him the courage to cross these flames unhurt. He mentioned that when he is in the middle of the Holika fire, some divine force helps him to come out of it.

After taking a round of the village, the Panda started his meditation for one month in ancient Prahlad Temple from February 16, 2022. During the whole month Panda would sleep on the floor, eat only fruits and lead a celebate life. He would continuously meditate and pray to Bhakt Prahlad so that he comes out safely from 40 feet diameter Holika fire.

Dried up Prahlad Kund

Satish Fouji, a resident from the village informed that Prahlad would take bath in Prahlad Kund situated near Prahlad temple. Later Panda’s sister would sprinkle Ganga water and milk on fire which gives Panda a signal to come of the fire. Following this the Panda would cross the Holi fire and would reach his relatives and other villagers.

Villagers complained about the bad condition of Kund. They said that the fair is round the corner and Panda will start his meditation from February 16,2022. But with the current state of Kund, it will be very difficult to follow the rituals and traditions.

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