Restoration of Hathikhana entrance gate underway

  • Historic Entrance to Elephant House Undergoes Renovation as Conservation Efforts Begin to Preserve 375-Year-Old Monument of National Importance.

2023.05.25 (Vrindavan Today News):The iconic entrance to the Khan-e-Dauran (Elephant Khana) garden, located in the National Park behind the Taj Mahal, is currently undergoing a revitalization process. This historic gateway, boasting a rich history spanning 375 years, was officially designated as a monument of national importance in 2018. The restoration efforts aim to preserve the cultural significance of the site for future generations.

The Khan-e-Dauran garden, once the site of a magnificent mansion belonging to Khan-i-Durran, stands behind the grand entrance. Sadly, much of the original structure has been lost over time. Some remnants of the mansion can still be observed along the Yamuna bank, adjacent to the entrance. In more recent years, Khan-e-Durran was converted into a leather processing factory, further diminishing the remnants of its original architecture. The area became known as the elephant house due to the practice of tethering elephants near Khan-e-Durran during the construction of the Taj Mahal.

Recognizing its historical significance, the entrance to the elephant house was declared a monument of national importance in 2018. Subsequently, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) initiated the conservation process for this 375-year-old dilapidated structure. The restoration project commenced with the clearance of debris during the first phase. In the second phase, efforts focused on constructing the floor and arch, while the ongoing third phase involves the preservation of the roof and arched gateway of Khan-i-Durran.

Hathi Darwaja

However, the area surrounding the entrance has presented challenges for visitors and conservation efforts alike. Access to Hathikhana, the path leading to the entrance, is currently only possible through the eastern gate of the Taj Mahal. Regrettably, there is no well-maintained road leading to Hathikhana, which is situated along the Heritage Walk route. The unpaved road is plagued by mud and waterlogging, making it difficult for visitors to reach the entrance comfortably.

Moreover, the road has become a dumping ground due to the improper disposal of garbage. Local residents have resorted to setting fire to the waste, exacerbating the environmental concerns in the area. The accumulation of garbage and the resulting pollution pose a significant challenge to the preservation efforts for the historic entrance.

While the restoration of the Khan-e-Dauran entrance signifies a significant step towards preserving the rich heritage of Agra, there is a pressing need to address the infrastructural issues surrounding the site. Proper road development and waste management initiatives should be implemented to ensure that visitors can access the elephant house and the surrounding areas conveniently, while also protecting the environmental integrity of this historically significant location.

The ongoing renovation efforts, coupled with proactive measures to improve the infrastructure and waste management, will ensure the continued appreciation and preservation of the Khan-e-Dauran entrance and its rich historical legacy for generations to come.

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