Mathura-Vrindavan to get 50 electric buses before Diwali

All other public transport in Vrindavan will be disallowed once the service begins.

Vrindavan, 2021-09-28 (Vrindavan Today News): 50 electric buses will run in Mathrua-Vrindavan before Diwali, Municipal Commissioner Anunay Jha said. Ancillary projects including the maintenance depot, charging station and laying of cable have already been completed.

Jha, who was on an inspection of the site near 100-bed hospital in Vrindavan said that by October 10 remaining work will be over, and thereafter the service can be inaugurated. Once the buses arrive, all other public transport in Vrindavan will be prohibited from operating. Only private vehicles will be allowed. The buses will ply the across all important destinations in the cities including Mathura railway station and bus stand.

Project manager (C&DS) shared that guard room, retaining wall, electric sub-station, boundary wall, interconnecting cables and other civil works that will support the scheme are already in place. Funds for electricity disbursal have also been made available.

Traffic in Vrindavan has long been a pressing concern both from the point of view of management as well as safety, especially on festivals when devotees arrive in the town in huge numbers. While on the one hand vehicles clog the narrow lanes making it difficult for people to navigate them, on the other overloading by tempo and battery rickshaws, the latter operating without a license, on the dilapidated roads poses a big risk to lives. Several mishaps in which people have lost their lives are reported every year. In such a scenario, the decision to introduce electric buses will surely be welcomed by everyone.  

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