Specially designed bullock carts to ply on Giriraj Parikrama 

– by Manali Deshpande

2022.03.12 (Vrindavan Today News): An old tradition of the bullock carts plying on the Govardhan Parikrama Marg to be revived. One can perform Girraj Parikrama sitting on bullock carts soon. In order to make Gaushala self-reliant, the UP Teerth Vikas Parishad is planning to initiate the bullock cart service on the ‘Parikrama Marg’. 
The UPBTVP has established Shri Krishna Goshala (Cow shelter) on Govardhan Chatikara road. This Goshala provides shelter to around 4500 cattle. Lack of funds has been a problem to run this Gaushala. Looking at the miserable conditions of the bovines, Gaushala Administrator, Shri Hemant Yadav, and Coordinator Goraksha Dal Agra Division, Shri Gautam Khandelwal took a task to make this Gaushala self-reliant (Atma Nirbhar). For this purpose, Goshala is making new types of bullock carts. These bullock carts will be used by people for Govardhan Giriraj Parikrama (circumambulation). In this manner revenue from each bull would help in taking care of at least 10 cattle of Goshala.
The trial run of the bullock cart on Govardhan Giriraj Parikrama Marg has already been taken. This bullock cart has been designed similar to a 10-Seater Golf cart so that 10 pilgrims can travel comfortably at a time. This cart is made of plywood on an iron frame. Almost 200 Kilos of iron and 6 plywood boards have been used to make a single cart. The roof of the cart is made from straws and hay. During the summer season, it becomes very hot in this area. The cart would be well covered from all sides with Khus sheets to protect pilgrims from intense heat and hot air. The cost of making such a cart is approximately Rs. 30,000/-.
The cowherds and caretakers are training the bulls for smooth pilgrimage rides. No fixed fare would be charged from this bullock cart 10-mile pilgrimage ride. Devotees can donate as per their wish for the upkeep of the Goshala.
Shri Hemant Yadav said that it would be a step towards making the Goshala self-reliant. Shri Gautam Khandelwal informed that 2 of these carts would start operating on Giriraj Parikrama Marg from Wednesday.
Shri. Gautam Khandelwal recollected that bullock carts were the backbone of our Indian transport system. But in the present scenario, there are lots of new inventions and fast developments. Though these are beneficial for mankind, we are going further away from nature. 50 years ago, in Braj modern means of transport were not available. Pilgrims were traveling by bullock carts. With the reintroduction of eco-friendly bullock carts, pollution would also be reduced.
CEO, UP Braj Teerth Vikas Parishad, Shri Nagendra Pratap Singh said that this innovative idea of introducing well-designed bullock carts will not only attract pilgrims but also attract tourists for the eco-friendly transport. This will help in generating extra revenue for the upkeep of Gaushala.

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