Sudevi carries a dead cow to the Nagar Panchayat Office

  • By Sukanya Mazumdar

She said that these cows are from Braj itself and have not been imported from abroad

Radhakund, 2022.11.18 (Vrindavan Today News):  Government apathy to allocate land for burying the dead cows has culminating into anger among the cattle keepers and Gaushala managers in Braj.

In the latest incidence it was none other than Padmashree Sudevi Dasi who had to face the problem of burying the cattle die in the Gaushalas. German-origin Irina Turing Frederike aka Sudevi Dasi, is well-known for her activities related to Go Seva and was awarded the Padmashree for the same.

Sudevi had to carry a dead cow to the Nagar Panchayat office to demonstrate her anger for not providing land for the burial of the cows.

Upon not being heard, she met the SDO and expressed her opposition for land not being allotted by the administration for the burial (Samadhi) of the cows.

She said that these cows are from Braj itself and have not been imported from abroad. She has further stated that there are approximately 2800 cows which are being taken care of at present in the Goshala. Among these, 15-20 cows are dying daily due to disease, and not sufficient land is available for the burial (Samadhi) of these cows. The authorities don’t cooperate to provide the land for the burial of the cows.

Padmashree Sudevi Dasi feeding the cows

Upon not being heard at the Nagar Panchayat Office, Sudevi Dasi reached Govardhan to meet the SDM Suresh Kumar. The SDM has given directions for creating a team of the revenue department officials to identify land for the burial of cows.

Sudevi Dasi stated that the administrative body had previously allotted 2.5 acres of land for the cows’ Samadhi. However, owing to the increase in the number of cows in recent times, they have fallen short of land.  The SDM was informed before.

Every day, an average of 30 cows become afflicted due to any disease or return to the cow sheds injured. Out of these, 15-20 cows die every day at her Gaushala. The space provided for the burial is not enough for burying such a big number of cows. She demanded more land from the government for the burial of the dead cows.

On the other hand, the Executive Officer of Radhakund Nagar Panchayat, Mahendra Kumar Singh said that Sudevi Dasi had already been allotted land for the Samadhi of cows. She has requested to the SDM for the allotment of more land for burial.

Came For Darshan, Became Involved In Go Seva

Irina Turing Frederike Sudevi Dasi came on her first trip to Vraj in the year of 1978. She became so deeply involved in the Radha Krishna Leela that she stayed and became involved in the activities of Go Seva. In the year 2019, she was awarded the Padmashree by Honourable President, Dr. Ramnath Kobind. After she was honored with the Padmashree, the Mathura District Administration allotted 20 bighas of land for the Goshalas (cow sheds) and the then SDM Rahul Yadav allotted 1 bigha land for the Samadhi (burial) of cows.

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