Two centers to sort trash before it reach the Recycling Plant

To ensure that garbage is not piled up on the street, the Municipal Corporation is working on an action plan drawn by the Municipal Commissioner Shri Ravindra Kumar Mandar. Garbage will not be seen lying in the open street any more after the plans begin taking shape.

Two garbage transfer stations and Material Recovery Centers (MRF) are being set up in Vrindavan by the Municipal Corporation to manage the waste generated in Vrindavan. These facilities are used to manage waste by separating recyclable items from the dump for the further use.

One MRF centre and Garbage Transfer Station is being constructed near the Hazari Mal Somani ground and the other centre is being built at the old garbage dumping station on the Pani Gaon Road. The garbage brought in the MRFs will be separated, and then compressed to send it to the Main Garbage Station by big trucks and dumpers. The Main land fill and Main Garbage Recycling Plant is  situated at Nagla Kolu Trans –Yamuna in Mathura.  

The Corporation has already installed a Bio – Manure Processing Plant, the trial of which is completed and is ready to operate. The plant will produce 5 ton manure per day. Mathura Vrindavan Nagar Nigam officials said solid waste management will comply with guidelines laid down by the Union Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate change under Solid Waste Management Rules 2016.

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