Unholy event during Holi Festival in Vrindavan

2024.03.23 (Vrindavan Today News): Sacred festival of Holi was ashamed in Vrindavan, as a real estate group organized a lewd party in its name. The party was organized in guise of the religious festival of Holi in Vrindavan. A video went viral showing some western women performing dance in indecent attire.

In a startling development amidst the Holi festivities, the police have filed a case against the organizers of the event and the officials of a housing society group in the Krishna Retreat Club located in the Omaxe City on the outskirts of the pilgrimage city of Vrindavan.

On the night of March 21, a lewd party was organized by a builder at the Krishna Retreat Club, where foreign dancers were invited to perform. The party, which included clandestine activities, was captured on video by attendees and subsequently went viral on social media on March 23.

Following the revelation of the rave party from the viral video, on March 24, Deputy Inspector Kanchan Singh of the women’s police station filed a case against Khagesh Sharma of Ladli Group, Shubham Choudhary, and responsible officials of the Omaxe Group.

It is alleged that Khagesh Sharma had rented the Krishna Retreat Club for March 21. The accused have been charged with violating Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code by organizing an obscene dance and cocktail party in a public place.

Inspector Crime Dharmendra Kumar has been entrusted with the investigation of the case. It is worth mentioning that similar events had taken place here last year as well.

Outrage Over Lewd Party at Holi Festival in Omaxe City on Chhatikara Road

In a joint meeting of the Vishva Hindu Parishad and saints of Vrindavan held at Hanuman Tekri Ashram on Chhatikara Road, vehement opposition was expressed against the lewdness-filled program held in the name of Holi festival in Omex City situated on Chhatikara Road in Vrindavan.

In the meeting chaired by Shri Dashrath Das, the saints demanded strict action against those tarnishing Vrindavan’s image and urged the administration to take concrete steps to prevent such recurrence.

Recently, a Holi celebration was organized by a builder group in Omex City, featuring dance performances by Russian artists. Mahant Mohini Bihari Sharan Maharaj expressed dismay over the acts tarnishing Vrindavan’s image, emphasizing the need for stringent action against those involved, as Vrindavan is the city of Lord Shri Krishna.

In response, Shrimant Phuldol Bihari Das Maharaj of the Chatur Sampradaya Vairagi Vaishnav Parishad stated that those who tarnish Vrindavan’s image engage in abominable acts continuously. He urged the administration to take strict action against such individuals, as this is the city of Lord Shri Krishna.

The video was shared in the social media platforms where the users amassed several reactions.

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