Four Secrets of Gita

By Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

20121.12.14 (Vrindavan Today News): Do you know the four secret teachings of Bhagavad Gita? In chapters 1-6, Sri Krishna teaches the truth about karm, gyan and yoga. Then Krishna says, “O Arjun! Because you are NONENVIOUS (anusuya) of Me and very dear (ishto -si -me -drdham: 18.64), I will now tell you four secret teachings which will make your life perfect, sublime and successful.”

  1. Guhyam (secret knowledge) Knowledge of brahman or brahma-gyan 18.54 brahma bhuta. This is the knowledge that I am an eternal spiritual being, jivatma, etc. which is essential for liberation and described in Chapters 2-3.
  2. Guhyatara (more secret knowledge) Knowledge of Antaryami or paramatma-gyan (18.61-63). This is the knowledge to see Bhagavan as the background and essence of everything great as described in chapters 7-8.

It culminates in (18.61) where Sri Krishna says, “Bhagavan is in your heart as Antaryami directing you. So take shelter of Him (sharanam gaccha), and by Antaryami’s mercy (tat –prasadat) you will attain supreme peace in the eternal realm (param –shantim –sthanam –prapsyasi =shashvatam)”

  1. Guhyatamam (most secret knowledge) (9.1) This is bhagavat-gyan or personal knowledge about Bhagavan appearing in chapter nine which describes pure devotion, ananya: manasa, bhakti, cinta and bhak in verses 13, 14, 22, 30 and its characteristics.

Although pure, this devotion is devoid of prema-sambandha with Krishna and the relishing of rasa in personal loving exchanges. Guhyam is positive knowledge, guhyatara is comparative, and guhyatamam is superlative knowledge.

  1. Sarva Guhyatamam (18.65) (topmost secret of all secret spiritual teachings) Bhagavan and Krishna prema. This is the zenith of pure bhakti which is full of rasa and personal loving dealings with Sri Krishna.

man -manah -bhava -mad -bhakto,
mad -yaji -mam -namaskuru

Sri Krishna says, “Always think of Me, become My devotee, worship Me and offer obeisances unto Me. Then certainly you will come to Me. I promise you this because you are My very dear friend.” (Bhagavat Gita 18.65)

Sri Jiva Goswamipada tika: “In this verse (18.65) Sri Krishna shows His special love for Arjuna, and vows (satyam te) that those who become His devotees will return to the spiritual world.

Sri Visvanatha Cakravartipada:

“Man-mana -bhava means completely absorbing your mind in Me, Shyamsundar with beautiful eyes raining nectar in the form of glances of sweet mercy.

“Mad-bhaktah means be My devotee, dedicate all your senses to Me, and adore Me by hearing, chanting, seeing My mürti, picking flowers, etc.

“Mad-yaji means worship Me by offering Me scented oils, flowers, incense, lamp and naivedya.

“Mam –namaskuru means just offer respects unto Me by falling on the ground like a stick.

“Mam –eva –eshyasi means you can think of Me with the mind, serve Me with your senses, worship Me with items, offer dandavats to Me or just do one of these and YOU WILL ATTAIN ME (eshyasi).

“Satyam te means I swear and promise you without any doubt that in return for your offerings I will give My very self to you!’

“Hearing this promise, Arjun says doubtingly, ‘Well Krishna! People born in Mathura are famous for always making such “promises” in every other sentence. So how can I believe You?’

“Krishna replies, ‘That is true Arjun. So under oath (pratijane) I vow and declare that you are dear to Me (priyo se me). And no one ever cheats a person dear to himself.’”

Srila Prabhupada comments: “Now Krishna gives the most confidential knowledge (sarva guhyatamam). In (9.34), Krishna repeats the same instruction to stress that this is the ESSENCE of GITA, the ESSENCE of KNOWLEDGE, and the MOST IMPORTANT instruction in all the VEDAS. But [unfortunately] this essence is not understood by a common person!” (tika Bhagavat Gita 18.64)

Comments Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das: His heart melting with mercy, Sri Krishna speaks His supreme teaching (paramam –vacah Bg.18.64) in verse 18.65, which is the topmost secret of all secrets (sarva guhyatamam). This verse 18.65 says become Krishna’s devotee, think always of Krishna, and humbly worship, love and serve Krishna for His pleasure.

Krishna directs Arjun and all of us to fix our minds on Krishna in His supremely beautiful, rasika, and most complete transcendental form, Shyamsundara. Always think of Krishna as the most playful, carefree and romantic beautiful blue Prince of Vraja with bouncy black hair sporting fluttering peacock feathers in its crest.

Although Krishna gave so many spiritual teachings in Gita, His final word is that just by accepting Krishna’s love you can attain all spiritual perfection. Since this verse contains Krishna’s paramam –vacha, it means this teaching supersedes all others previously given in Gita.

It is crystal clear from Sri Krishna own words and the commentaries of all acharyas that 18.65, man manah bhava mad bhakto, is the topmost secret and essence of all the wisdom and teachings given in the wonderful Bhagavad Gita.

Nevertheless, many Bharatvasis believe that the essence of Gita is the following verse (18.65), which is the most well known and most frequently quoted verse of the Bhagavad Gita.

sarva-dharman -parityajya, mam -ekam -sharanam -vraja,
aham -tvam -sarva-papebhyo, moksha -yishyami -ma -shucah

Sri Krishna says, “O Arjuna! Give up all varna and ashram duties and just take shelter in Me alone. I will free and liberate you from all sins, do not grieve.”

Sridhar Swamicharan tika: “This verse describes giving up etc. Here Sri Krishna says, ‘You should have firm conviction that everything will come through devotion to Me. So give up your slavery to Vedic injunctions, and just take refuge in Me alone. And do not grieve (ma -shucah) that by living like this you will incur sin for neglecting your duties. For I will liberate from all sins.”

Love and attachment are the essential elements and basis of surrendering to another. First attraction, then love which leads to attachment and culminates in complete surrender. After teaching Arjuna and all of us the topmost secret of divine wisdom (sarva guhyatamam), namely love, submission and service, now Krishna encourages us to surrender everything without any fear.

If love and attachment are strong then one can give up everything for the sake of the beloved without any fear or hesitation. Absolute loving submission itself is a form of moksha, freedom from eons of bondage to ego.

In Gita, Krishna directs us to love and serve Him which inevitably leads to giving up everything for Krishna with the realization that such renunciation will bring the ultimate reward of transcendence to a divine realm of endless peace, joy and happiness in the loving service of Sri Sri Radha Govinda Yugala.

Don’t be afraid, just do it! Fall in love with Krishna and fearlessly forget everything else!

So the conclusion is that divine love, rapturous Krishna prema, is the topmost of all secrets, the supreme essence of Gita upadesh (18.65), and the basis of one’s giving up the entire world for the loving embrace of Shyamsundara (18.66).

Mahanidhi Shri Madan Gopal Das

Gita shiksha sar ki jai! Krishna prema seva ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

About the author: Mahanidhi Shri Madan Gopal Das is a Gaudiya Vaisnava Babaji (sannyasi), and a teacher of Gaudiya spiritual truths, practices and perfection (siddhanta, sadhana, sadhya) since 1974. He’s authored 25 English & 11 Hindi spiritual books all about Sri Guru, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Radha-Krishna, and the Gaudiya holy places, diksa mantras, bhakti-yoga sadhana, raganuga-bhakti, Gayatris and Vaisnava biographies. He is an Indian citizen living  30 years continually in India at Sri Radha Kunda, Govardhana, Dt. Mathura Uttar Pradesh.

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