Garbage recycling plant inaugurated in Vrindavan

The new, fuel-efficient treatment plant can convert a tonne of wet waste into 350 Kgs of manure within 24 hours.

Vrindavan, 2021-08-17 (Vrindavan Today News): The Mathura-Vrindavan Municipal Corporation inaugurated a new plant for the treatment of west waste originating in Vrindavan on Saturday, 14 August. Mathura mayor Mukesh Aryabandhu and Municipal Commissioner Anunay Jha were present at the event.

The scientifically superior plant can generate near about 350 kgs of manure with a market value Rs. 28 lakhs from a tonne of waste within 24 hours. The organic compost will be used for tree plantation in the town.

In order to ensure efficient waste management and transportation, a transfer station of 32 tonne capacity was built at Mant Road for a cost of 3.15 cr. The state-of-art technology uses four portable compacters of 8 tonne capacity each which can transport approximately 10 auto tripper or four trolley waste at a time. Thus, the waste generated in Vrindavan every day can be transported to the Nagla Kohlu plant in as less as 4-5 rounds, as opposed to 20-25 earlier. This will dramatically bring down the cost of transportation and therefore overall operational cost, by cutting down the fuel requirement by 70%.

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