Mathura to get two Hygienic Street Food Safety Zone

Dahi Bada

2021.12.17 (Vrindavan Today News): Food vendors in Mathura will now be seen wearing aprons, hats and gloves to serve the hygienic food. This initiative is taken by the district authorities to ensure that the tourists and pilgrims have a good experience visiting the pilgrimage of Mathura. People’s appreciation would act as a word of mouth, which is going to ultimately benefit the vendors.

Vikas Bazaar in Mathura and the Birla Mandir area on the Mathura – Vrindavan road will be developed as “Hygienic Street Food Safety Zone” by the Department of Food Security. Scrumptious Aloo tikki, Mouthwatering Chaat, Golgappe, Dahi vada, Chhole Kulche, burger, Lip-smacking Chhole Bhature, Kachori, Nimbu Shikanji, Lassi and many other street food items will be sold in hygienic condition.

Vendors at Birla Mandir

Vikas Bazaar is situated on the busiest part of the City of Mathura. Therefore there couldn’t be any better location to implement this project. Idli, dosa, Ice cream, Pav bhaji and other beverages would be served here, as per the food safety standard.  According to the new rules, the food vendors will have to wear uniforms. The food must be hygienic and the healthiness should be guaranteed.

Khadya Suraksha Vibhag is going to register all food vendors and health certificates shall be provided to them. Regular checkup will also be carried out to ensure that they are not suffering from any disease.

“Birla temple situated on the Mathura – Vrindavan road and Vikas Bazaar at the heart of the city of Mathura has been identified for developing hygienic food zones.

The vendor stalls would be modified so that they look attractive to the customers. Our objective is to provide hygienic and healthy food and beverages to the tourists and local people. Food vendors would have to wear the necessary gears for serving quality food to the buyers. We have started working on this project,” said Dr Gauri Shankar, the Food Safety Officer.

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