Nagar Van’s Gift: A 50-Acre Park Set to Revitalize Agra’s Greenery

Plantation on June 05, the park will feature diverse gardens and eco-friendly amenities

2023.06.05 (Vrindavan Today News): Agra’s deteriorating environmental conditions, marked by the absence of lush forests and verdant parks, are about to receive a much-needed remedy. With the exception of Paliwal Park and Shahjahan Garden, residents and visitors have long yearned for a place to unwind and connect with nature. However, a new park is on the horizon, offering a glimmer of hope. Under the central government’s city forest scheme, a sprawling park is underway, covering an impressive 50 acres. Prominent features include the Medicinal Forest, Nakshatra Vatika, Rashi Van, Panchavati, and Dharohar Vatika, each designed to showcase a wide array of plant species. The park will also boast a dedicated children’s play area, scenic walking paths, and an open gym.

As a momentous gift to the city, the park’s inauguration has been scheduled for June 5, coinciding with World Environment Day. Adjacent to the Forest Department office at Khandari, the construction of the city forest has been progressing steadily. Standing tall at a height of 25 feet, a watchtower has been erected, providing visitors with a panoramic view of the Yamuna riverbank. On the momentous day, distinguished guests, alongside departmental officers, will join in the tree-planting ceremony, symbolizing a collective commitment to environmental conservation.

The park will offer a unique experience to its visitors. Notably, individuals will have the opportunity to plant trees based on their zodiac signs, resulting in the creation of the “Rashi Van.” Moreover, the Nakshatra Vatika will host plant species associated with different constellations, thoughtfully planted according to their respective celestial directions. Preserving endangered plants will also be a focus of the heritage garden within the park’s premises.

To enhance visitors’ understanding and appreciation of the park’s ecological significance, plans are underway to establish an Interpretation Center. This center will provide detailed information about the park’s diverse flora and fauna, ensuring an educational experience for all. Additionally, the park will feature enchanting ponds, captivating fountains, and an open gymnasium catering to the health-conscious youth.

District Forest Officer Adarsh Kumar shared his insights, stating, “The development of the city forest is expected to be completed by July. Apart from revitalizing the city’s ecosystem, this forest will contribute to the overall well-being of Agra’s residents.”

However, amidst the park’s construction, a disheartening revelation came to light. Local encroachments had intruded upon the forest department’s land. During the process of digging pits for plantation, an astonishing discovery was made. Five dumpers filled with polythene bags, garbage, and discarded clothes were unearthed. Authorities have committed to rectifying this issue promptly and ensuring a fresh wave of tree planting commences in July.

With the establishment of the city forest and its multifaceted gardens, Agra’s citizens can look forward to a rejuvenating sanctuary in the heart of the city. As the park blossoms into reality, it promises to not only reinvigorate the city’s greenery but also provide a haven where people can reconnect with nature and foster a deep sense of environmental responsibility.

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