Two incidents of waste burning reported in Govardhan in defiance of NGT orders

Following the inclusion of Govardhan in the TTZ (Taj-Trapezium Zone) by NGT, generators, waste and stubble burning, as well as cutting of trees are prohibited in the region. 

Govardhan, 2022-04-24 (Vrindavan Today News): Despite the order of the National Green Tribunal prohibiting waste and stubble burning in Govardhan forest area, two separate incidents were reported on Friday night. According to the forest department, unidentified persons were responsible for the event. Details will emerge on further enquiry.

Following the inclusion of Govardhan in the TTZ (Taj-Trapezium Zone) by the NGT, generators, waste and stubble burning as well as cutting of trees were prohibited in the region.  Despite these orders, on Friday night two incidents of waste burning came to light in Govardhan foothills. Before the authorities could take any action, the fire claimed many small trees and plants in the vicinity. Parikramarthis had to face inconvenience, as the entire Parikrama Marg from Sant Nivas to Baagdi Pyaau became engulfed in smoke.

On receiving information from officer-in-charge Prabhakant Pandey, forest range officer (Govardhan) Manoj Kumar stepped in to control the situation. The officers seemed to be evading responsibility for the incident. Mostly the forest department employs manual labour to clear up thorny bushes, and plant grass and trees in the area. Instead of taking the waste to the dumping ground, they gather it near the hill and set the dump on fire. The forest officials, however, claim that unidentified miscreants were behind the incident.

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